Month: December 2017

Christmas Celebrations

The run up to Christmas is always an exciting time and offers the opportunity to celebrate achievements that have been made throughout the year as well as ofter thanks to people who have made the year run smoothly.

The Beyond the Wall Christmas party this year took place in the Thornham Magna Village Hall and was an afternoon spent by clients, volunteers and staff eating, drinking, talking, dancing and having a  splendid time in each others company.
Our volunteers were all thanked and gifts presented as a part of our big thank you for all that they do for us at the walled garden. With music and dancing providing a celebratory and exciting end to the afternoon, everyone left having had fun and with looking forward to the week ahead as we break from our usual programme to enjoy a week of seasonal events and activities that will lead us up to the Christmas break.
The staff would like to take this opportunity to extend their thanks to everyone who has been a part of our community within the walled garden over 2017, peoples contributions have helped grow our service from strength to strength and we are now an important destination for the local community with the front part of the walled garden having opened its doors to the public back in May.
Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy and productive 2018.
Posted by Phill, December 2017

The blue border

This summer saw the last flowering of the old lavender that lived along the south face of the greenhouses. The autumn saw it being grubbed out and the agapanthus that had spread being lifted and reset to the back of the bed.

With tree seedlings removed, weeds forked out and the ground turned, November was upon us (time goes quick when you are having fun) and so to replanting a new lavender hedge.

The border in spring contains a number of hyacinth bulbs, mainly blue and white with a scattering of pink ones. Come spring the pink ones will be removed, leaving a restricted palette of colour, which we will know and refer to as the blue border.

With wooden edging on order and gravel to be laid in spring, this part of the garden is hopefully going to set the greenhouses off throughout 2018.

Posted by Phill, November 2017

Summer house transformation

With November providing a few cooler and wet days we have wet weather projects to be getting on with, one of which was transforming the summer house from a space where old furniture lived to a brighter space to use to chill relax and be creative.

With a number of clients and volunteers assisting with clearing junk, painting and getting creative with old tools and objects dotted around the garden, we have managed to create a chill out and theraputic music space that relates to the garden and has been completed at the grand cost of £0 !!

With needing to spend a few pounds on new pexiglass for the windows the whole structure will be complete in its revamp, and hopefully become another much loved and used space at Beyond the Wall throughout 2018.

A big thank you to everyone who has helped make this transformation happen.

Posted by Phill, December 2017