Month: January 2018


You can never predict the British weather, but despite the forecast being for sunshine a few days before and the day providing plenty of rain (much enjoyed by the apple trees) our Wassail event still went ahead and was enjoyed by a good number of people.

Following the success of last years event, a local band started off proceedings in the vinery, and following food, drink and much conversation, everyone was invited to take part in a walk around the orchard part of the walled garden, and to witness the Wassail ceremony, of placing cider soaked bread in a decorated tree and the roots being drenched with yet more cider. With the fire lit and everyone ready with drums and whistles, as much noise was made as possible, to help banish evil spirits from the orchard and assist in us having  good harvest.

With the rain continuing, the vinery offered the perfect space to dry off with mulled cider, tea, cake and more music from the band.

Many thanks to all who took part and supported this, our first open event of the year.

Keep checking this blog, social media accounts and of course our website for more news on further events that we will be hosting throughout the year, as well as updates on all things that are going on in the garden at Beyond the Wall.

Posted by Phill V Williams, January 2018

Vinery repainting

With Simon having kindly pruned the two vines last year, the vinery has been looking a lot lighter over the winter, but with the new year comes new energy and it was deemed time to give the vinery a little more attention, to set off the vines.

Power hosing of the flooring brought the floor up to the best its been for a while, but as with all refresh jobs, it highlighted another job that needed doing; the painting of the walls.

With the walls freshened up, we are about to start to refill the shelving with plants, and are looking forward to sourcing apricot trees which we plan on fan training against the walls. Watch this space to see how planting in the vinery progresses over the coming year.

Posted by Phill VWilliams, January 2018

Track repair

Winter days can often be cold and grey, not the most inspiring days for gardening, but with plant growth slowed, it does provide time for other jobs to be completed.

With a couple of drab days forecast at the start of January, groups of clients, volunteers and staff made their way outside of the walled garden to set about repairing pot holes in the track that leads to Beyond The Wall.

With stone shifted into position,firmed into holes and used to level dips in the tracks surface the mini bus was driven up and down a couple of times to bed the repairs in.

The new year will consequently see a less bumpy approach to the walled garden, all in time for our Wassail event on 20th January.

Posted by Phill VWilliams, January 2018

Apple Store refresh

As with all of the refresh projects at BTW in the last year or so, resourcefulness and creativity have been the key elements in making things happen, the refresh of the apple store was no different, and with all hands on deck the project was completed in less than two days.

Paint was located and mixed for free, donated rollers and brushes were used, the only spend on the whole project was for a small quantity of filler to fill a few holes.

With the paint applied to the doors windows and walls, shelving units were given a lick of paint to get them looking the part, the floor was scrubbed and the room reassembled. With there being change from a fiver, we are all excited to use financial resources towards the many fun activities that will find their home within the newly refreshed Apple Store space.

Posted by Phill VWilliams, January 2018