Month: April 2018

Gravel down!

April saw the weather start to change, and with the sunshine making its way into the garden, it was time to look at getting the paths all tidy and ready for our summer openings to the public. Weeds were removed, edges sured up and organic material that had built up removed. With good preparation it was then time to shift the 20+ tonne bags of pea shingle and spread it evenly over every path surface. The results were rather dramatic, turning paths that had seen their best days into tidy clean and crunchy under foot delights to walk along.

With the garden starting to shape up, we also looked at the footprint of where the old marquee had been. Grass had died back, and despite reseeding would not be the best surface for this years marquee floor. We thought about this and a week long project transformed the space from muddy mess to a neat gravel rectangle that matches the paths. The space will fit the footprint of the new marquee, and when it is not in place will make a formal space for teas and coffees brought at the cafe.

We look forward to welcoming everyone into the garden this summer, to see what we have been doing to improve the garden over the winter, and to enjoy a cuppa and piece of cake at our cafe, as well a buy a plant grown by our client and volunteers to take home to provide a memory of a nice day out.



Posted by Phill VWilliams April 218


The refreshed garden path

The garden is poised, ready to burst into life as soon as we get a few warm days. Our slowly arriving spring has meant that the garden is not yet fully greened up, but has given us time to get a few more jobs done in preparation for when everything starts growing, flowering and fruiting, getting the paths looking good has been this weeks BIG JOB!

With all hands on deck, a number of large sacks of pea shingle have been barrowed and raked over the garden paths, the bare paths which were looking a little worse for wear are now starting to crisp up and provide a satisfying crunch under foot. With one section to go we are nearing the end of this part of the garden restoration a little ahead of when we planned, which will allow us to start focusing on our next big project earlier than anticipated, our 2018 Suffolk Show garden.

Posted by Phill VWilliams, April 2018