Month: May 2018

Plant sale

Are you looking to fill a bare patch in your garden? Possibly you might be about to revamp a flower bed or update a planting scheme? Well popping along to the walled garden could help solve your planting predicaments.

On Saturday 2nd June Beyond the Wall will be holding a plant sale to raise funds to help us support even more disabled people gain skills and achieve greater independence.

If you have any plants that you would like to donate to our sale then we are open 10-3 weekdays, feel free to pop past and also take the opportunity to have a look at the garden.

The plant sale will be on Saturday June 2nd, 10.30-12.30, teas and cake will also be available from our glasshouse cafe.

We look forward to welcoming you

Posted by Phill VW, May 2018

The ‘Wonderland’ Lawn

This week has seen the start of the making of the wonderland lawn. With allowing one lawn in the orchard to grow a little we have been able to cut in a long maze like path which takes you on a route through and around the trees. As part of our ‘mad hatters tea party’ theme for an event day in the garden, this will be added to to make a fun activity for children over the summer as well as provide an opportunity to walk through the trees to enjoy the dappled shade and wildlife that has found its home there.

Posted by Phill VWilliams, May 2016

Summerhouse Windows

Following a visit from a parent of one of our clients, we received a most kind donation that would assist us in completing the revamp of the summerhouse that we recently started. To date the inside and outside of the summerhouse has been cleaned and repainted, freshening it up, and allowing us to house comfy seating and musical instruments. The space is used and much enjoyed by our client as a  chill out and escape space, somewhere to be quiet or to be creative and make noise. The windows were the last thing on the list, and with the donation, we were able to obtain the plexiglass that we wanted to reglaze the window and doors, so that while in the summerhouse, the garden can still be enjoyed.

A big thank you to our generous donor, the Summerhouse project is now looking wonderfully complete.

Posted by Phill VWilliams, May 2018

Suffolk Show 2018

Last year we were invited to make a garden for the Suffolk Show. Beyond the Wall produced a small garden, that was vintage in its theme, but also had the ethos of that gardening does not have to cost you a great deal of money. Our garden titled #gardeningsetsyoufree was built to illustrate that even on a very small budget a beautiful space can be created, one that is filled with interest, scent and colour. having achieved a Silver Guilt award, we were invited back for this summer, to produce another garden. With us running a tea party later in the summer we have opted to go for a similar them #heartgardening is this years title and draws from the theme of Alice in Wonderland, the ‘Mad Hatters Tea party’. Again we are looking to demonstrate that with a  little creativity a fun garden can be created that does not need to break the bank. Our horticulture trained staff will be on hand throughout the show, to advise on how to take cuttings, and create the garden yourself on a  shoestring, plants do not have to cost the earth, but they can help you reconnect with the outdoors and be hugely beneficial to your wellbeing.

We look forward to meeting you at the Suffolk Show, and sharing what w come up with, a few hints at what we are creating will of course be posted before the show on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages, so why not give us a follow and keep right up to date with progress.


Posted by Phill VWilliams, May 2018


The cold weather has meant that sowing seeds has been a little delayed this year. There was no point in sowing seeds that need a decent temperature, as with some very cold nights and cool days, even within the greenhouses there would be temperature variation which would not be helpful to their germination. 

With temperatures rising, we started our seed sowing, playing catch up, as well as sowing the seed that it as about the right time to sow as well. we started with seed in the ground, root vegetables, and then moved into the greenhouse to fill plugs with compost and plant the more tender of plants, squash and beans, and in doing so had quite a production line going, filling plugs, sowing seed and labelling the plugs so that we all know exactly what is what for when it comes to potting on and planting out.

With the bank holiday weekend ahead of us, we have given everything  good water, right ate end of Friday afternoon, and will tend to everything first thing on Tuesday morning, but as always staff pop past to ensure that with the garden being closed for a few days, that things still tick along and do not get neglected.IMG_6778

Posted by Phill VWilliams, May 2018

Blossom and Blossom day

This winter saw our second step of pruning to get the pear and apple trees back into good shape and production. With the previous years winter prune being rather hard, and as a result, last years crop diminished, this year has started to see the fruits of our labour. With April driving and being  little cool, we were delighted to see a profusion of white pear blossom, whence not only flanked both sides of the double border, but also graced the west wall of the garden. Plumb blossom has been profuse this year on the east wall, and the cherry trees planted along the north wall have also been a treat. With may now upon us, the apple trees are a little late coming into blossom, but many of the trees are thick with blossom, and it is apparent that things are set for next year to be even more pretty, with how the new growth is starting to form. We are also rather delighted that many of the trees are still about to come into blossom, which will this year coincide perfect with our blossom day open and fundraising event.

Come see the blossom yourself, the garden is open Mon-Wed 10-2.30pm, and our blossom day is on Sunday 13th May, 11-4pm


Posted by Phill VWilliams May 2018