Month: July 2018

A scorching summer

It’s almost two months since we have seen rain in the walled garden, with the summer heatwave looking to get even warmer as we head towards the end of the week. Our garden has been mighty thirsty, and as a result the lawn is looking yellow rather than green, much like most of the lawns in Suffolk.

We are all doing our part to conserve water, by watering regularly, but with the right amounts, so that no drop is wasted. To make things a bit more fun, we have employed super soakers for watering duties, and have also enjoyed cooling down a bit when plants have been missed!

Importantly we have also tailored garden jobs and activities so that we are able to get everything done, but be able to take advantage of working in the cooler shade with plenty of drinks to hand.

With our annual trips week coming up, we are hoping that the current warm spell will continue, so that our week of fun out and about the county is under a bright blue sky.


Posted by Phil VWilliams, July 2018

Greenhouse Fronts

July has seen the front of the greenhouses start to look a little whiter thanks to the hard work and time of one of our clients here at BTW.

With one section of the glasshouse rooves being repaired last year and another section due to be repaired later this summer, we were keen to get everyone involved with the project.

With sandpaper and brushes acquired, work was started to sand down windowsills, fill a few holes and start work on priming and undercoating the wood.

The windows at the front have now all had their under coat layer of paint applied, and are now about to receive their gloss coat, hopefully before the weather breaks, so that they are nicely water tight. With clients, support workers and staff getting involved, this massive undertaking has started to near completion faster than expected, so we are optimistic that the entire greenhouse frontage will look fresh and white in time for our Apple Day event later in the year.


Posted by Phill VW, July 2018