Month: August 2018

Greenhouse Roof

In 2017 work started on the first phase of restoring the greenhouse roof. Timber was in need of being cleaned up and repainted, a s well as a few small pieces replaced. This work was completed throughout the summer and has resulted in roofs that are now watertight, with the spaces below now being used as a café for the public and function space (The Vinery) that can be hired (contact us by email for more info; ).

With us going into 2018, phase two of the greenhouse roof restoration has started. Timbers have been cleaned up and glass reset and replaced as needed. The second phase is now nearing completion, and will provide us with a large watertight space that will house a number of therapeutic activities that we run for the people accessing Beyond the Walls services in the dry and light space beneath. We look forward to this phase of the project be9ing completed by the end of 2018.

Posted by Phill VWilliams, August 2018

Harvest 2018

Last year saw a big harvest of fresh fruit and vegetables at the walled garden, produce that was grown communally by everyone who comes to the garden each week. 2018 has continued to see a bountiful harvest of fresh fruit and veg from the garden, despite the long harsh dry period, even the raspberry canes which suffered are starting to produce tasty fruit, which along with all of our other produce, is enjoyed during supported cooking sessions, community lunches, and of course by the public, when we sell of any gluts of what we produce or our home made preserves and products made from what we grow.

Our vegetable beds have been productive, potatoes, beans have been harvested, and we are looking forward now to halloween, when we will be able to pick and use the pumpkins for making tasty seasonal treats as well as carving in arts and craft classes. Our greenhouse and poly tunnel have also been hugely productive, chillis, cucumbers and tomatoes are all being picked at the moment in quantity and will be used in our kitchen, grapes too are plentiful and will be picked soon and made into cordial that can be enjoyed at our apple day.


Posted by Phill VWilliams, August 2018

Mad Hatters Tea Party

Friday 10th August saw the walled garden open to the public for one of our special events, with the garden being transformed into a ‘wonderland’, Alice style, for our ‘Mad Hatters Tea Party’.

At Beyond the Wall we are always looking to put together fun inclusive community events, that while being enjoyable also provide the opportunity to raise charitable funds that enrich the activities that we run for our client group, this tea party turned out to be a well subscribed event, that we hope was great fun for all, while raising valuable funds for the work that happens within the walled garden.

With the garden set up, jam tarts baked and other fancy treats made, the scene was set for everyone to have a great social afternoon, with a number of activities available. The orchard maze, treasure hunt and of course themed arts and crafts as well as other garden games were enjoyed by all, but the cakes and treats that were served on themed tables wreathe real star, only to be equalled by some of the great fancy dress costumes that many people arrived wearing.

Over £400 was raised on the day from ticket sales and from a number of generous donations. Beyond the Wall would like to thank everyone for their time and energy who supported this event, and also to everyone who came along to enjoy the event and make it such a great success.

Plans are already afoot for our upcoming apple day, Scheduled for 7th October 2018, when we will be welcoming everyone to the garden for another great day of fun, hopefully the sun will shine too!


Posted by Phill VWilliams, August 2018