Month: September 2018

Cold Frames

Our brick cold frames are a vital resource for our project, providing shelter and protection for young plants that clients and volunteers propagate, for plant sales that raise charitable funds. With the frames being old (Victorian) it’s natural for the weather to creep in and cause for a bit of maintenance. With many of the wooden tops now not being in place, we have sought to replace one section this year and repaint the last surviving section. In addition where rain and frost have crept into top layers of bricks, causing them to disintegrate, these have been replaced as well as the protective layer of mortar repaired in small patches which will hopefully continue to keep the majority of the weather out.

These repairs would not have been possible, were it not for the help and support of our team of volunteers, especially for the time and skills that Dave lent to us on a number of occasions to replace bricks and sure up brickwork, so that the frames get through the next couple of years. Many thanks Dave and a thank you to everyone who has helped in this small but vital project.


Posted By Phill VWilliams, Sept 2018

Winter Prune

It’s been a gloriously hot and long summer, and with the warmth, our roses and trees have all grown particularly well. The rose borders have provided a mass of colour and the fruit trees have fruited heavily following two years of hard pruning to restore their shape and vitality. But with all things in the garden, being complacent does not ensure that the following year will be a s productive or pretty, a garden is always a work in progress. 

Last winter we were fortunate to have a fruit tree pruning expert volunteer to assist with all of our fruit tree winter pruning, which has really paid off this year. This year we are looking to complete another winter prune of the orchard, we have well over 150 trees that will need our attention and so this will be a significant project over the winter. With our existing clients and volunteers all lending  hand we are optimistic that the work should be able to be completed before buds break in the spring, however we are always on the lookout for new volunteers, who may like to lend their experience and fruit pruning skills to ensure every tree gets the attention that it deserves.

If you are interested in volunteering to assist with fruit tree pruning, or are interested in any other volunteering please be in contact, our email for volunteer enquiries is


Posted by Phill VWilliams, September 2018