Month: April 2019

Greenhouse Bed

Over the last few years the large raised bed in the glasshouse has been used to grow tomatoes and cucumbers. While also using the poly tunnel for growing similar produce, we have experienced summer gluts of both fruit, so this year the decision was made to change our growing. With the poytunnel able to provide the conditions for us to grow what we require, we decided to look at what had grown well in the greenhouse previously. Melons have been a great crop, and so we looked at if it was possible to grow a fruit salad. With melon seeds started off, we looked at acquiring plants that would add to the fruit salad, ginger and banana plants have been donated and cuttings from a pineapple have also been added to the mix. With the bed looking to take on a partly ornamental feel, we have added plants that will thrive in a  greenhouse, and taken the opportunity to make the bed more than a fruit salad, passion flowers, sempervivum, aeoniums and agave have all been added into the mix, to provide year round interest, and monopolise on the space/growing conditions. we hope that with the preparation, replanting and tending of the space that our clients have been involved with, that the bed will provide plenty of interest to visitors to our cafe, and even provide us with a fruit salad!


Posted by Phill VWilliams, April 2019

New Kitchen

March saw lots of activity going on behind the scenes at BTW, to improve one of our core facilities. Funding was received to refit the kitchen, and just before the end of March building work started. The old kitchen was looking rather past its best days and was in need of being updated. With the opening of the Glasshouse Cafe, our fundraising events and monthly community meals the kitchen gets a lot of use, and so the time came for the builders to drive with tools and materials to remove the old and fit new.

Units and surfaces have all been replaced, with surfaces fitted at different heights to make the kitchen accessible. A new dishwasher, sinks and radiators will make the kitchen function far more efficiently and comfortably for everyone who uses it, and with new tiling and a lick of paint, the whole kitchen feels fresh and airy, a far nicer environment to work in.

BTW would like to extend thanks to the kitchen fitting team, and also to the staff who did all the background work in raising funds for this project to be realised.


Posted by Phill VWilliams, April 2019