Month: July 2019

The greenhouse grow bed

The grow bed in the glasshouse has been used to grow cucumbers, chillis, tomatoes and melons over the last three summers. With the poly tunnel also coming into operation and production in this time, we thought that it would be good to make a few changes and try something different. 

With the bed cleared, it was all hand on deck to bring lots of organic matter into the greenhouse to help improve the soil. With manure, compost and some nutrients added, it was time to plant up. From a bare patch, and with a budget of creativity and generosity, we were able to assemble a collection of plants that in their ranks included plants that like hot arid environments, plants that are suited to warm tropical conditions and also plants that were a part of our existing collection of New Zealand planet and succulents. The bed was planted up by a number of people over the course of a week and has been finished off with a  top dressing of wood chipping, to help keep moisture locked away where it is needed and to finish the bed off uniformly. With July upon is the bed has come into its own, filling up with lush foliage and colour. we hope that it is  pleasing addition for our visitors to look around when exploring the garden and greenhouse. Some of the plants are now being propagated by clients and volunteers, so upon visiting, it will be possible to buy a number of the inspiring plants that are on display for your own windowsill, conservatory or greenhouse. 

BTW would like to thank the many generous people in the local and horticultural community who have donated plants that have formed a part of the collection in this bed.


Posted by Phill, July 2019

Trips Out

July brings with it warm weather and is associated with holidays and days out, which means one thing to us all here at BTW… Day Trips!

This year rather than having all of our trips in one week we have spread the trips, so that people are able to come on a number of day trips to different places over a three week period. We have been blessed with dry weather and managed to visit many locations in the region and take part in some great activities. Museums, castles, bowling alleys and zoos have all featured in our selection of trips, as well as the coast, walks, fish and chips and picnic lunches. We have already had some great feedback, so it looks like we will need to plan some more fun days out for the future.


Posted By Phill, July 2019