Yew hedge regeneration

Over the last three years the whole of the walled garden has undergone a transformation, and while much has changed one regeneration project has fallen to the side, that is until   now, September has already seen the start of a big change to the front of the garden with the Yew hedges changing their shape.

Six yew hedges/buttresses separate a strip of land into bays at the front of the walled garden, these have over the last 10 years become large and out of shape. While last year the height was lowered somewhat to allow light to spill into their core, drastic work was still needed to get them looking at their best. This the bold step of starting to bring the hedges into shape was made. One side of each hedge was to be cut back hard, to the trunk, which will allow for new growth to appear and grow back so that it can be clipped into a neat hedge. With the hedges being between 5 and 6 feet wide at the moment, and the project aiming for hedges no wider than 2 feet across, this was rather drastic work.

The hedges sadly consist of only three trees in each section, two of the hedges contain trees that appear to be historical, possibly planted at the time of the building of the walled garden, so there are a number of challenges, especially with tree trunks not all in a strictly upright position.

One side of each hedge has now been cut back to the trunk, and the other sides clipped so that they at least look tidy for now. Next year, providing that growth from this years cutting has commenced well, we will be looking to repeat the hard cutting action to the other side of the hedge. By 2011 the hedge will hopefully start to look like how we intend.

Posted by Phill V-Williams, September 2019

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