Month: October 2019

Medlar trees, a hard prune

October has brought with it a change in weather, and with it our fruit trees are starting to go into dormancy for winter. With leaves now turning autumnal shades and dropping, work is starting on our annual pruning. Our apple trees will be pruned in February, as we hope to promote fruiting, where our Medlar trees, which have become large and tangled, are in need of a tidy and shaping, cutting them hard now as we go into dormancy will hopefully promote vigorous growth in spring, which while they will not produce blossom and fruit, will allow the trees to start the rejuvenation process which will happen over the next couple of years.

Its been all hand son deck this week with this project of working on two mature trees, a big thank you to everyone who has helped out and we are all looking forward to seeing how the trees start to grow back in spring.

Posted by Phill V-Williams, October 2019