Month: January 2020

January jobs in the walled garden

With all of our festive celebrations now a distant memory our focus has turned to preparation of the garden for the year ahead. While January is often a dark, wet and cold month, the weather is not stopping us from being busy and getting a number of the big jobs done.

So far this month we have been working of reorganising our fire pit, so that we can burn apple tree branches form our pruning. This area is now looking neat and tidy and is filling up with branches from the first set of apple trees that were not pruned last year. Work with pruning will continue next month when we start pruning the trees that were pruned last year (later pruning can encourage blossom, often referred to as pruning for fruit). The orchard has also had a general tidy, with lots of weeding and bed edges re-cut neatly.

We have also been busy with the greenhouses, with glass cleaning already started inside and out and giving them a general clean and tidy. Planting outside has also started, with plants being positioned in gaps that have appeared over the previous growing season. All good prep for our first National Garden Scheme (NGS) opening on the 4th of April, where the whole garden will be open to the public.

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January 2020