Month: March 2020

Gravel Path Maintenance

We have been fortunate to have been awarded funding for the garden during the early part of 2020. With having recently been awarded funding for a selection of new tools and servicing of mowers, we looked at the priority need of the garden, and have been able to now complete the gravelling of the paths that was started some two years ago. Funding at that point allowed for the front part of the garden to have its paths re-gravelled, so that they could be brought back to their former glory. With new bags of gravel arriving, many of the members, volunteers and staff have lent hands to make light of a heavy job with borrowing gravel onto the path to the rear of the walled gardens. We have also been able to take the opportunity to add gravel to refresh the marquee area and a couple fo patches on the front paths that needed attention. Beyond the Wall would like to thank everyone who has been able to assist in this funding bid, and in laying the gravel, so that our paths can be enjoyed by visitors as much as the plants within the walled garden.


March 2020