Month: May 2020

Plants for sale

As we move into May, with the country still in lock down and Beyond the Wall still closed for a while yet, our greenhouses have still been pretty busy, with plants growing speedily a the weather has slowly gotten warmer and brighter.

Over the last 5 weeks or so Phill has been in three times a week to water the plants and to sow seeds, so that when we reopen we will have vegetables crops to tend and harvest. The rest of the garden is also being kept in check, with lawns being mown and the worst of the weeds being dealt with.

With Thornham, Walks closed, we have not been able to set up our usual plant sales stand to the side of the garden, but with the support of our volunteers and team, we have been able to get plants dropped off (being sure to wear gloves and disinfect while transporting) to a few villages and locations nearby, where they have been able to be sold to people out on their daily permitted walk/exercise routine.

If you live in Gisslingham, Diss, Westhorpe or Debenham, then our plants will be on sale for a very good price indeed, and with the passing of frosts we will be adding pelargoniums and tender houseplants to our range of stock for sale, so keep an eye out for a bargain.


, May 2020