Month: June 2020

Plant Sales

As we move into the month of June, the weather has been really dry, and looks set to continue to be pretty good in the weeks ahead, so we are busy watering our plants at the garden to keep things growing well. The vegetable beds are now all planted, and with water and lots of weeding, we are hoping to have plenty of vegetable plants to tend when we reopen our doors to our members. 

During the lockdown, staff and volunteers have been really busy with tending plants and transporting them safely to a number of plans sales stands around Norfolk and Suffolk. With everyones efforts, over £2300 has been raised through plant sales, all of which helps to support the activities that take place at Beyond the Wall. Our plants are all grown from seed or cuttings and are propagated by our members and volunteers, and so are always very well looked after.

With Thornham Walks now reopening their permissive paths to the public, people are able to walk past the garden on country walks once again (we are sorry, but we need to keep our garden closed to the public with he ongoing Corina Virus Pandemic). So with the estate now reopened to the public we have set up our usual plant sales stand to the side of the garden, and are now able to sell plants from the garden once more. 

The team would like to extend their thanks to our volunteers who have all helped to make the plant sales so successful this year during a very difficult period, watering, transport, selling and tending the plants has all taken a lot of time and energy. We would also like to say a massive thank you to all the people who have bought a plant, flowers and rhubarb that we have grown and harvested from he garden during this time. We hope that your plants grow well and enhance your own garden this summer.

June 2020