Month: July 2020

Back to work in the walled garden

Enter July, and along with it a number of days of rain. With the weeds in the garden being kept on top of the last three months, the warmth and rain has brought abut a sudden surge in growth, all beds through the garden have needed attention, in particular the apple tree beds and the two large vegetable beds. 

With the garden reopening to our members on the 6th of July, work weeding and mowing started quickly and within just a  few hours the garden was starting to look notably different, with barrows of weeds being pulled up and the lawns all getting a post lockdown haircut by our members.

Meantime in the greenhouses and marquee spaces work was started by our members on propagation, to produce new plant stock for sale, following our record plant sales in the last two months. Already lots of plant divisions and cuttings have been taken, and watered in, we are now waiting for the warm weather to help the process of rooting before we can pot up and restock our plant stand that is now up and running again in the car park area to the side of the walled garden.

July 2020