Month: September 2020

Inside work spaces get a makeover

With there having been high winds of late, unfortunately the marquees that we were using to provide sheltered workspaces for many client activities have been damaged and are now out of use. There good news is that we have been given funding that will allow us to purchase a four season marquee to replace them, which will provide us with ample space over the wet months of winter, so that we can continue offering our service to our members, in a  safe secure and comfortable way. 

In the meantime we have been using other spaces and adapting activities and ways of working, and have even enlisted the assistance of volunteers to help us transform existing spaces, so that we can set up multiple spaces for different activities, which will give us even more flexibility though the winter and assist us in keeping things ‘Covid secure’.

The staff at Beyond the wall would like to say a ,massive thanks to the people who have helped transform the greenhouse spaces and polly tunnel into dry and well ventilated work spaces, within days of them being reconfigured we have been using them, much to the enjoyment of our members.

While inside spaces have been transformed, outside in the garden, apples are now being harvested and are on sale on our produce stand, and we have started work on clearing and tidying ahead of winter. 

September 2020