Month: January 2021

January Lockdown

Happy New Year from us all at Beyond the Wall, we hope that you had fun and safe Christmas and New years celebrations and are looking forward to the year ahead.

As much as we had planned to get back to work in the garden after the new year celebrations, the national lockdown has sadly prevented us from doing things as we had hoped. In place of our usual face to face service, the team have been busy with organising and delivering an online version of what we do at beyond the wall, with daily Teams video meet ups, (check our Facebook page for links and more) where all the usual activities have been adapted to work on screen. There is also plenty of time for us to socialise as well. Back in the garden, it is being checked on but little work is needed at the moment, due to the efforts and hard work of everyone back in November and December, when we worked so productively, that most of the jobs that would be done in January and February were completed.

We are all looking forward to getting back to the garden and to seeing everyone including all of our fabulous volunteers, so that we can work together to keep the walled garden looking at its very best.

January 2021