Month: June 2021

The Buxus Hedge

The end of May saw work on the Buxus hedging start for the year. Last year with lockdowns and the garden being closed, it was not possible to go around cut the hedging as intended in May/June, and so the decision was made to leave it for one year, and that this year we would look at tackling it.

With this years growth looking fresh and frothy, the time had come to start cutting the hedge back into shape. Lines were laid and sheers sharpened and the cut began.

Obviously this year with there being two years growth, the job was a bit tougher than it would usually be, but with the hedges prior to lockdown having been gotten into good shape after a period of neglect, it was easy to see where to cut to, and the shape emerged crisp and clear from the wooly shape of two years growth.

The hedge is all in good health at the moment, and with this years haircut, we are hoping that it will continue to be in good shape in all respects. Where we have needed to cut hard, in some places we are now awaiting for new shoots to green up some of the sides, we anticipate that hedge cutting will be completed by mid/late June, and that later in the summer we will go around again, to clip any areas of growth back into a tidy shape to look good over winter.