Month: July 2021

July flowers and weeding

As we enter July the flowers in the garden are really coming into their own, literally thousands of blooms all contributing to a full rainbow display of colour, which when set off by a blue sky and sunshine, are an absolute joy to behold. This year of particular note is the Nepeta along the double border, a small flower, but with nearing 40 plants on each side of the border, they are forming a massive blue froth that lines the path. This line of blue is echoed by the deeper blues of Lavender (Hidcote)which lines the front of the glasshouses and just now starting to come into bloom, are the firework looking pom poems of Agapanthus, a delightful blue from an unknown variety. 

Also of note are the multitude of rose flowers from the east rose border, a number of floribunda bush roses, with ramblers running up the wall (American Pillar) which right now, and with our freshly clipped Buxus hedging really are putting on a  great show.

With the warm but also wet weather its not only the flowers that have been enjoying the summer climate, the weeds have really gotten going too. With new volunteers joining us in the garden and our members all at the ready with buckets, forks and wheelbarrows we have formed a large working party to weed through apple tree beds, vegetable beds and all of the borders in the front garden, and at the rate we are all working together hope to be on top of the weeds and the garden ship shape in no time at all.

We do hope that you will be able to come along to the walled garden as it opens throughout the summer on Sundays between 12 and 3pm, to see for yourself the results of everyones hard work.