With autumn around the corner we have been fortunate to have had plenty of dry days in the garden to get on with seasonal tasks and also enjoy walking around the estate to get plenty of steps in. This month we started work on the vegetable growing we plan to do next year, with starting to form a new vegetable growing bed. Turf has been skimmed off two grass paths and the ground forked over, as well as some of the perennial plants already moved and potted up for next years plant sales (lots of flag irises for sale next year!). While all of this has been going on we have had a big bonfire and also started work on digging out composted material that would not burn, and adding it to the vegetable beds, so that we have lots of organic matter to improve the soil. 

We have also started work on the Yew hedges outside the Masters Gate. A couple of years back we started restorative pruning, to get them back into shape as they had grown rather large. This year we are looking to finish the job, which is leaving them looking rather bare, but next year they will start to green up and recover, and with height adjusting too, should help connect up the different bays that form the outer garden. We are fast approaching our open day on the 26th, so look forward to inviting in members of the public to look at the fruits of our labour in the garden.

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