Winter tidy and garden opening

In pre pandemic times we would open the walled garden to the public on weekdays for free, to allow people to enjoy the fruits of the labour that we all put into maintaining it. The pandemic came along and it has been closed for much of that time, with opening through this summer on Sundays and partial openings during the week for plant sales. With a planned estate open day we took the opportunity to open the Masters Gate once more for the public to see the garden, and showcase some of the other work that our clients do in the sessions we provide. We also took the opportunity to do a bit of fundraising. 

In preparation we have had a big purge to get rid of things that are shabby, broken and old, the collapsing chicken coop has now gone, as has a rotting wooden store and rusting metal storage container. We have cleared old pots that we do not use, they were re-homed and will be gratefully used. old crumbling tables have also been replaced, the inside spaces are now clearer and more functional, the extra space has allowed us to clean through easier, so its all looking as neat inside the glass houses as it ever has.

The garden has had lots of attention too, with beds being forked over and weeded in recent weeks as well as leaves raked and beds tidied up and mulched. We have however left the double border and apple tree pruning till after our open event, as doing a chop and clear, makes the garden look very set for winter and removes quite a bit of its interest. The next couple of weeks and the winter months after Christmas will see this work completed, as well as revamping the raised bed with the plant collection in it inside the glasshouse. For now everything is still looking interesting and tidy, hopefully qualities that will be enjoyed by our visitors.

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