Hello 2022

With the cold and frosty weather that we satin the first week of the year, it was a great opportunity to get out doing lots of walking in the woods on the Thornham Estate, to spot signs of winter and enjoy how different frost makes everything look, especially our double border, which was only recently chopped down to the ground, and now with a dusting of frost looks very different to how it did a month ago. 

Along with walks work has continued in the garden, with the first big job of the year being the planting of new raspberry beds, extending the existing bed into where the old portacabin used to live until it was taken down last year. We lifted roots of raspberry canes from the existing bed and set about digging trenches to plant them in and back fill. Hopefully they will settle in by spring and start to grow, if not we have plenty more canes that can be lifted and moved.

We have also started work on chopping and tidying the glasshouse that is home to our collection of more exotic plants, with some plants being chopped, some removed and some being tidied up where leaves have died. A little more work is needed with the small succulent plants, but that won’t be till the frosts have passed and we can do some propagation of them at the same time. We are also about to start the winter prune of the apple trees, with this year everyone adopting their own tree to prune and then maintain throughout a year cycle, this will form the basis of a specialist tree care and pruning course, written by Lisa so there will be lots to learn and in the process our apple trees will be getting lots of love, care and attention.

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