Month: March 2022

March Jobs

With a few warm days towards the end of March the garden has really started to wake up. The pruning of the apple trees has been completed and in good time as many have now started to show signs of buds swelling and a few have even started to break their buds which has made them glisten in the sunshine. Blossom is not far away, so fingers crossed that this year late frosts do not burn the blossom display and rob us of a harvest of a multitude of apple varieties.

Work elsewhere in the garden has continued with much enthusiasm, benches have been painted, propagation has taken place and we have now set up our plant sales stand at the side entrance of the walled garden. Happily we now are opening the front garden to the public, which has seen  good number of visitors, all of who have been able to see the fruits of everyones hard work.

Weeds have started to appear with the warm weather, weeding duty has started early, but for every small weed pulled in March it means there is one less big weed to be pulled in April.

A big job has been underway in the back garden, with two old raised beds being dismantled, sleepers have been salvaged and a new raised bed built next to the poly tunnel, one that will became a salad bar, home to salad crops and a few herbs through the summer months.

With the old beds now removed the ground has been levelled and seeded to return it to lawn which will give us more space around the vegetable beds, these have also been forked over and are almost ready for laying out for this years allotment growing project. 

March really is an exciting month, with the garden starting to burst into life, we cant wait for the warm weather, to grow lots of produce and welcome in lots of visitors to enjoy the space within the walls.