Summer colour

The double border is looking lush and is full of colour now, June really is the start of the summer season in the garden for a variety of colour, and while the double border is our central focal point the two rose borders are also a riot of colour, both from the bush roses and the rambling roses that are growing up the walls. 

In the orchard the apples are starting to develop nicely, so far it’s looking promising for a good harvest of fruit after last years blossom catching frosts, leaving the trees bare. 

The biggest change over the last month is in the vegetable beds in the kitchen garden, where with watering and weeding being completed, the vegetable plants that have been planted are all growing quickly, already we have courgettes coming on and onions are starting to bulk up. Potatoes have started to flower, which means that it will not be long till we are lifting them, expect lots of freshly harvested produce to be on sale in our garden sales area to the side of the garden, and on our stand in Eye Market every Wednesday morning.

Work has started on summer pruning, we have started work on our pear trees around the double border, we will progress soon to trees against walls and the apple tree cordons in the weeks ahead, before starting work on the annual hedge cutting. 

We are of course open weekdays and on Sundays through the summer thanks to our volunteers, and with free entry, it’s a great garden to come to throughout the year to se how it changes with the seasons.

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