July Heatwave

The weather has been notable this July, for the heatwave and record high temperatures across the UK. In the garden it has mean that for us we have had to alter working routines, to be able to take advantage of the shade and cooler spaces within the buildings. The apple store has been a great place to work in, with it providing shade and a cooling environment. In here we have been able to continue with propagation of a number of plants, that will all when rooted feed into our plant sales later in the year and start to form stock for spring 2023.

In the main garden apple trees have started to be mulched, and the plumb trees have also had their summer prune, we are currently working n pruning apple tree codons, sadly we have lost two trees to the intense heat and dry, but these can be replaced.

In the kitchen garden much work has been going on, particularly with the allotment plots, which look green and lush with the watering that has been done on a  regular basis. Already we have been picking buckets of beans, bags and bags of spinach and a huge amount of courgettes as well as massive marrows, the beds really have been very productive. 

Our cafe has been getting busy on a Thursday, with our home made cakes and treats selling well, and being the perfect accompaniment to a cuppa while sat enjoying the sunshine and the garden while out on a walk through the estate.

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