Spring preparation starts

The misty mornings of October are now upon us, and the colour of the garden is starting to fade from the glorious summer months. The double border however still has lots to offer, with Sedum and Helianthus in full flower, and the Asters are still giving lots of colour too which is making for the double border still looking great. AS the month goes on and we progress to November the autumn chop will begin and the border will be ready for winter dormancy. Meantime we are busy weeding and getting the beds tidy and have even found time to give the Buxus hedge a tidy before the weather turns. Autumn will see much chopping and tidying, with many of the fruit trees getting attention as we head into and through winter. This time of the year is all about getting things into shape in preparation for spring when things burst back into life. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us for a good few weeks yet, so that we can get as much done under a clear blue sky.

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