As we headed into November our themed activities naturally reflected the changing season and the celebrations that come with autumn. Bonfire night of course being a highlight in the calendar was a good excuse to get the fire pit operating and to learn about how we light fires safely. Our walks around the woodlands were an opportunity to collect sticks and then return to the garden to lay a fire, on which marshmallows were toasted and enjoyed. We also decided to have a big bonfire in the week leading up to November 5th, burning much of what has been chopped in the garden as we head to winter and start getting the garden ready for spring.

Leaf raking has started under the apple trees, and as has become our resourceful way, the leaves have been used to mulch the roses in the east and west borders, adding nutrition to the soil as they decompose, and helping to keep the weeds down over the winter months.

Leaves have also featured in our theme weeks, with their identification and threading as we made leaf wreathes in the woods, selecting leaves for their autumn colours to make seasonal decorations. Preparations are also under way, to get the garden in shape for the estate open day on the 4th December, when we will be welcoming in visitors to the garden to see it before we close for winter. 

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